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Golden Ascension Gift Certificates - For Tapestries

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Want to get an awesome tapestry for someone but not quite sure what they might like? You can still get your loved one a tapestry and they also get to choose which one they like by using a Golden Ascension Gift Certificate!

You will receive a digital code that can be used immediately once supplied and you will also receive a premium hard copy gift certificate in the mail. 

The gift certificates do not expire so rest assured when they do get around to using it, it will still be there. 

Simply select the size tapestry you would like to gift from the dropdown below.  The shipping is paid for up front so once the certificate is redeemed the customer will have priority shipping already paid for as well. 

Choose from 3 Sizes:
Small 51"in x 60"in
Medium 68"in" x 80"in
Large 88"in x 104"in