SALE-High Powered Tactical Orgonite Towerbusters- Set of 24 + 6 free
SALE-High Powered Tactical Orgonite Towerbusters- Set of 24 + 6 free
SALE-High Powered Tactical Orgonite Towerbusters- Set of 24 + 6 free
Golden Ascension

SALE-High Powered Tactical Orgonite Towerbusters- Set of 24 + 6 free

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FOR A LIMITED TIME: When you purchase this orgonite package you will get 6 free ones for a total of 30 pieces.

This listing is for a set of 30 tactical orgonite pieces made to order. These are great for gifting and placing around your home/neighborhood/town to help anchor positive and beneficial energy. Multi color option is now available! see last image for an idea of color options. The colors are bright day glow colors, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, purple/maroon and Black.

This is truly one of the best deals on Etsy for tactical orgonite.


This item is sent via USPS flat rate shipping (medium box) which is the best deal for the size and weight of the order.

Here are some common uses/benefits for Orgonite:

-Eliminate EMF (smart meters, wifi, 4g electro-smog)
-Transmutes deadly energy to positive life force energy
-Enhance plant growth
-Structure food and water-food keeps longer near orgonite
-Balance the environment
-enhanced psychic ability
-helps anchor in higher dimensional energies

-Weakening built up anger/frustration
-Keeping a healthy environment by producing negative ions
-Re-balancing Electromagnetic Energies
-Cleaning The Skies
-Spurring Rejuvenation
-Improving Sleep Quality
-Transmute an area of negative or stale energy

This piece is great for placing around your local area or gifting to others who may be in need of positive energy. These are perfect for busting towers, clearing skies, or placing around the house or garden. The possibilities really are endless on where to use this device. I like to carry these in a backpack to place around town, in the workplace, place in bushes, around schools, government buildings, police stations etc or any place that can use positive energy. In the home, I place one on the night stand or under the bed to promote restful sleep. I also place one near large electronic items such as, TV's, Wi-Fi Router, Electrical Box outside of the home, in the refrigerator/freezer (helps keep food fresher longer. Place in a plastic bag or ziplock bag before doing this) and near my plants.

This piece is packed to the brim with 5 different kinds of metals, (different sizes Aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, brass, and steel), quartz crystal and crushed crystal chips. These are highly effective and can be placed in a grid to create a high powered orgone grid. You can place them in a circle around you during a meditation to calm the body and mind and reach a meditative state quicker. An example of a grid is shown in one of the pictures and was used to clear the sky on a cloudy day in just a matter of minutes.

You can also use this peace to create charged or healing water. Just place one near a glass or jug of water you want to charge. Please DO NOT place these in small ponds with fish or in the water directly that is going to be consumed.