High Powered Tactical Orgonite Towerbusters- Set of 12
Image of tower buster set. Made in standard cupcake shape mold. Tower Buster, cloud buster, orgonite, orgone, orgone energy, scalar energy, life force energy, chi, prana, black sun, wilhelm reich,
Image of tower buster set. Made in standard cupcake shape mold. Tower Buster, cloud buster, orgonite, orgone, orgone energy, scalar energy, life force energy, chi, prana, black sun, wilhelm reich,
Image of tower buster set. Made in standard cupcake shape mold. Tower Buster, cloud buster, orgonite, orgone, orgone energy, scalar energy, life force energy, chi, prana, black sun, wilhelm reich,
High Powered Tactical Orgonite Towerbusters- Set of 12
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High Powered Tactical Orgonite Towerbusters- Set of 12


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This listing is for a set of 12 tactical tower busters made to order.

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This piece is great for placing around your local area or gifting to others who may be in need of positive energy. These are perfect for busting towers, clearing skies, or placing around the house or garden. The possibilities really are endless on where to use this device. I like to carry these in a backpack to place around town, cell towers, in the workplace, place in bushes, around schools, government buildings, police stations etc or any place that can use positive energy. In the home, I place one on the night stand or under the bed to promote restful sleep. I also place one near large electronic items such as, TV's, Wi-Fi Router, water heater, Electrical Box outside of the home, in the refrigerator/freezer (helps keep food fresher longer. Place in a plastic bag or ziplock bag before doing this) and near my plants (increases plant growth).
This piece is packed to the brim with 5 different kinds of metals, (different sizes Aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, brass, and steel), quartz crystal and crushed crystal chips. These are highly effective and can be placed in a grid to create a high powered orgone grid. You can place them in a circle around you during a meditation to calm the body and mind and reach a meditative state quicker. An example of a grid is shown in one of the pictures and was used to clear the sky on a cloudy day in just a matter of minutes.
You can also use this peace to create charged or healing water. Just place one near a glass or jug of water you want to charge. Please DO NOT place these in small ponds with fish or in the water directly that is going to be consumed.

Here are some common uses/benefits for Orgone energy :

-Eliminate EMF (smart meters, wifi, 4g electro-smog)
-Transmutes deadly energy to positive life force energy
-Experience more vitality and a restful sleep
-Relieve mental and physical stress
-Aids meditation & increases spiritual growth
-Energize food, water, herbs and supplements
-Create a more harmonious home & workplace
-Protect yourself from negative energies
-Clear emotional and energetic blocks

-Weakening built up anger/frustration
-Keeping a healthy environment by producing negative ions
-Re-balancing Electromagnetic Energies
-Cleaning The Skies
-Spurring Rejuvenation
-Improving Sleep Quality
-Transmute an area of negative or stale energy

***Where does the term Orgone come from:***
Orgone was a term first used by the scientist Wilhelm Reich to identify Life Energy. Through his research on purifying energy fields, he discovered that by layering organic and inorganic matter, Life Force Energy could be cleaned, condensed, and magnified. This form of Energy is known by various cultures as Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether, or Life Force. He created devices to harness this Energy to cure illnesses and modify weather. Wilhelm Reich was considered to be one of the greatest natural scientists of the 20th century. For more information check out the Wilhelm Reich Museum website.

***How does orgone energy work:***

The foundation of Orgone Technology is in the layering of organic and inorganic matter. The concept is that organic matter absorbs Life Energy, and inorganic matter (metals) not only absorbs Life Energy, but immediately sends it out in all directions. So when you combine these two elements, a type of "scrubbing" action takes place. Imagine Life Energy being pulled into the Orgone device and then reflected out by the metallic layers, then immediately reabsorbed and reflected out again and again. This back and forth action is said to "clean" Energy, perhaps by aligning it's structure.

The second aspect involves the Crystals. When resin cures and hardens it contracts, thereby squeezing the crystals embedded in it. This pressure creates a piezo electric effect, generating an electrical charge or voltage on its surface. This is the concept behind using quartz crystals to power watches. It's been said that when crystals are squeezed in this manner that their inherent properties are magnified..

***How can orgone energy help you:***
Orgone energy products can help you on many levels: Environmental, Personal, and Spiritual.
On an Environmental level, it has the ability to instantly transform any negative, stagnant or “dead” orgone (chi, life force energy) into its “positive” life-sustaining form. It will absorb all negative unbalanced energy that may be in, or come into your space, and transform it into positive balanced energy, sending it back out into the environment. A friend described it to me as like having a Cosmic Energy Shield around your living space. It will help keep the energy in your home flowing, positive and clean. By being in this field of positive life energy, a person is said to experience a sense of well being, greater peace, and is supported in their goals of personal and spiritual growth.

The concept is that "negative" energies stress your personal energy field, causing you to feel stress on an unconscious level. Once these "negative" energies are transformed into "positive" energy, then that stressor is gone and you will have more peace in your life. These "negative" energies are said to be created by cell phones/cell phone towers, electromagnetic fields, and people. The term used to describe "dead" life energy is DOR (Dead Orgone). So having one in your home is a way to keep your place healthy.
On a Personal and Spiritual level, the Pyramid will interact with your Energy Body, working directly on your Meridians and Chakras, clearing out blockages, and magnifying your Vital Life Force. This has been shown through experiments using muscle testing, dowsing, aura pictures, and with the help of psychic and energetically sensitive people. Plus there are many testimonials from people experiencing these benefits. So when your Energy Meridians and Chakras are clear, and your Vital Life Force is increased, you will experience benefits in all areas of physical health and spiritual development.

***Uses of orgone energy:***
Place your Orgone Pyramid in your living spaces; where you work, sleep, and live. It will keep the energy clean and healthy. We have found that they are most effective when one flat side is facing magnetic north. Although it still has a measurable effect up to 25 feet away, by placing them within 3 feet of yourself, you will experience optimal benefit. Occasionally place them in direct sunlight. This makes them many times stronger. I've been told they radiate more "light" .

To Create a Restful Sleep
Place a Pyramid in your bedroom, either beside or under your bed. People have reported having a very peaceful sleep, free of nightmares, and vivid dreams. For a very few though it's taken a bit of time for their bodies to adjust to the higher vibration. Also I've been told if you place a Pyramid directly underneath you when they sleep, you'll awaken with more Vital energy. The Pyramid sends out a laser beam of energy out the top which interacts with your Energy body.

Create a Calm and Peaceful Environment

If your work place is chaotic or very stressful, placing a Pyramid there will help create more peace and tranquility. The Orgone will create a field of harmony by transforming any negative energy that may be present into positive energy. It helps clear the negative vibrations within a room and move the energy to a higher vibrational level. This will remove the stressors on people, which can operate on an unconscious level. So the removal of unconscious stress translates into more harmonious relations.

Energize your Food, Water and Supplements
You can place herbal teas on the tip of the Orgone generator, and the potency will be increased. You can also place rings or bracelets on the Pyramids to charged them with high frequency energy..

There seems to be a laser beam of energy coming out from the top of the device. By placing a glass of water above the Pyramid, you can charge it. When doing this play with the concept of imbuing the water with certain properties using your Intent
They also have a beneficial effect on plants due to the increased life energy created by the device.

Protect yourself from Electromagnetic Fields
Place a Pyramid or the Power Pucks by your Television, or Computer to help neutralize the negative effects of EMF. I’ve had a number of people tell me they feel a lot better around EMF when a Pyramid is present, or if they are wearing a pendant. I had a call recently from one of my customers in Newfoundland. She had someone come into her home to check the EMF levels. She told me that whenever the Pyramid was in the room, the instruments were calm. Once it was removed the instruments went crazy, signifying that EMF levels were elevated. You can also bury Power Pucks near power transformers or cell phone towers. Just program it beforehand to clear out negative frequencies.

Relieve Mental and Physical Stress
Simply holding the Pyramid will create an effect in you body as the high frequency energy moves through you. I’ve had so many reports from people using these Pyramids that it is as if all the negative energy from the people they had to deal with during the day immediately lifted off of them. And others tell me they feel their muscles relaxing just form holding the Pyramid For physical healings, just being in the presence of the Orgone Pyramid is very helpful. It is projecting out a high frequency of positive energy, which is very healing to the physical body. Use your Intent to guide it where you desire. I’ve found the Orgone energy
Pyramid seems to have an innate intelligence, and seems to “know” what each person needs.

Physical Healing

Just being in the presence of the Orgone Pyramid is very helpful. It is projecting out a high frequency of positive energy, which is very healing to the physical body. Use your Intent to guide it where you desire. I’ve found the Orgone Pyramid seems to have an innate intelligence and seems to “know” what each person needs.

Remove Negative Energy Vortexes
You can clear your home and workplace of negative energy vortexes by simply placing a Pyramid or Puck directly on top. It will vanish. If you’re a Dowser you can experiment with these devices in dealing with different types of Geopathic Zones.

Heal the Environment
All over the world there is a movement called Gifting, where people are taking Orgone products and burying them in places that need energetic cleaning and higher vibrations. From government buildings, graveyards, cell phone towers, by power lines, transformers, to lakes, rivers and streams. Anywhere they feel there is a need to cleanse the energies and help the environment they will bury the Pucks and Pyramids.

Thanks for taking the time to view my work, much love and light to you!