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Floral Labradorite Orgone Charging Plate - Orgone Energy - Healing - Zen - EMF Protection - Spring 2019 Collection

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This listing is for one Labradorite Floral Orgone Energy Charging Plate.

Dimensions: 3 in x 3 in by .75 in deep.

This beautiful orgone charging plate is made with vibrant flashy labradorite gemstones with real dried flowers in the center. Spring is a time of awakening, birth (or rebirth) and renewal. The background blue green background is comprised of mica power and micronized aluminum powder. Behind this is a layer of copper metal and Iron Oxide. This piece is a perfect addition to any home or workspace. Its versitle and can be used for meditation, chakra clearings, charging other crystals or orgonite pieces, medicines, food, water, and is a perfect base for any small plant plus much more.

The additional gemstones in this piece are: clear quartz, selenite, and tourmaline.

Labradorite gemstone properties:

With its pearly sheen of iridescent blues and greens, the color of water, Labradorite harnesses the life-giving elements of the planet and opens up the mind to multiple levels of consciousness that goes beyond everyday reality and our outdated belief systems. Labradorite crystal healing properties are linked with the third eye chakra, the energy field that ignites spiritual expansion and higher levels of the mind and spirit. If you're looking to expand your mind and increase your spiritual growth, meditate with Labradorite and connect to higher realms of consciousness and parallel worlds of endless possibilities. Bring Labradorite into your life and remember that every day holds new magic to be discovered.
How does it work?
Orgone has the ability to instantly transform any negative, stagnant or “dead” orgone (chi, life force energy) into its “positive” life-sustaining form.

It will absorb all negative unbalanced energy that may be in, or come into your space, and transform it into positive balanced energy, sending it back out into the environment.

It will help keep the energy in your home flowing, positive and clean.

By being in this field of positive life energy, a person is said to experience a sense of well being, greater peace, and is supported in their goals of personal and spiritual growth.

The concept is that "negative" energies stress your personal energy field, causing you to feel stress on an unconscious level. Once these "negative" energies are transformed into "positive" energy, then that stress is gone and you will have more peace in your life. These "negative" energies are said to be created by cell phones/cell phone towers, electromagnetic fields, and people. The term used to describe "dead" life energy is DOR (Dead Orgone).

Having one in your home is a way to keep your place healthy.
Protect yourself from Electromagnetic Fields
Relieve Mental and Physical Stress
Physical Healing
Remove Negative Energy Vortexes
Orgone for Spiritual Growth
Raise Your Consciousness
Absorbs negativity & harmful Ions that are released from mobile phones, mobilephone & radio signal towers, Tv's, computers, microwaves Etc.

Orgone devices will change your life & the best part is, you don't have to "believe" in them for it to work ;)

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