African Clothing Egyptian Nubian Kemetic Ancient Ankh Symbol Tank Top Single Sided Man or Woman


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Enjoy this repeating ankh design as it shines the Egyptian blessing of "Life, prosperity, and health" against a rustic golden background.

The Ankh was often used in ancient Egypt to symbolize the divine bestowal of eternal life offered by the gods. Queen Nefertari received the breath of life from the goddess Hathor, who was the protector of joy, music, and happiness and the goddess of womanhood.

It's image is viewed as the key to unraveling the mysteries of life and death, signifying the attainment of knowledge, wisdom, and fertility for the creation of life.

The material is is made with ultra-soft-to-the-touch material. The tanks are 100% Polyester Jersey and made in America, and sweatshop free. A must-have for the conscious life-style.

• 100% Polyester Jersey construction
• Made in America, sweatshop free