What's so special about chakras?

What are the chakras, why do they matter, and what do they mean? All quick and very straight to the point questions about the important energy centers in the human body.

First, let's start out with what are chakras? The word “Chakra” means “Wheel of Energy” The 7 major chakras are doorways (if you will) for life force energy called Prana (or chi). Chakras are invisible vortices, like tops of spinning energy that resonates to the different energy frequencies and then sense and distribute Prana life force energy to the physical body as many different emotions sensations and thoughts.

Why do they matter? – As the energy centers of the subtle body, the 7 major chakras allow us to experience all of the different levels of the cosmos. The chakras are influenced through the use of gemstones, colors, sounds, and the fire senses. These tools can either aid or hinder the chakra function.

What do they mean? - There is so much to know and over-stand about each of the chakra centers but I will keep this brief and go into more details about each chakra in a later post.

Root (Muladhara) – 1st This chakra is associated with survival, security, and primal energy. Also known as the Root center, this chakra relates to the Earth element, and is responsible for governing the elimination process of the entire body, the survival instinct, and the emotion Fear. 

root chakra healing affirmation

Sacral (Svadhisthana)– 2nd This chakra is associated with relationships, sexuality, and intimacy. Also known as the abode of kundalini. This chakra relates to the water element and is responsible for governing the sexual instinct, the uro genital systems, and the emotion of Desire. 

Navel (Manipura)-3rd This chakra is associated with desire, vitality, inner strength, and self-control. Also known as the city of gems. This chakra corresponds to the element fire and governs the digestive system, the ego impulse, and the emotion Anger. Heart(Anahata)-4th This chakra is associated with love, forgiveness, and compassion.

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Heart (Anahata)-4th This chakra is associated with love, forgiveness, compassion and self-esteem. Also known as the center of unstuck sounds of the subtle body. This chakra corresponds to the element air and is responsible for the circulatory system, the individualized soul, and the emotion Love. 

heart chakra healing affirmation

Throat (Vishuddha)-5th This chakra is associated with creativity, speech, individual needs and will. Also known as the "Very Pure" and corresponds with the element Ether. This chakra is responsible for the respiratory system, higher intelligence, and the power of communication.

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Third eye(Ajna)-6th This chakra is associated with Intuition, insight, psychic awareness, and esp. Also, know as the center of command. This chakra relates to the mind, the individual self, the power of inner perception and Insight beyond the five senses.

third eye chakra healing affirmations

Crown (Sahasrara)-7th This chakra is associated with Higher consciousness, enlightenment, and inspiration. Also know as the Head Center, the thousand petaled lotus. Corresponds to the universal self - the divine reality, the power of consciousness.

crown chakra healing afirmation

Check back soon for more detailed posts about each individual chakra.

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