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  This blog provides helpful uses and information on the subject of Orgonite or orgone energy. This information also comes with every orgonite order so rest easy that you will have great info on how to use and take care of your product. What is orgonite? Orgone was a term first used by the scientist Wilhelm Reich to identify Life Force Energy. Through his research on purifying energy fields, he discovered that by layering organic and inorganic matter, life force energy could be cleaned, condensed, and magnified. This form of energy is known by various cultures as Chi, Prana, Ki,...

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Golden Ascension launches a new updated logo for its clothing brand "Golden Ascension Studio" The newly launched website www.GoldenAscension.Studio provides a variety clothing and accessories featuring unique and bold designs. Products range from deep cosmic space themes bursting with vibrant color and sporting sacred and ancient geometric patterns and shapes. Golden Ascension and Golden Ascension Studio are truly unique ventures that are off to inspire deep thought, knowledge and creativity within us all. 

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