Cece Sharpe Featured in the Orlando Reporter

Cece Sharpe is propelling The City Beautiful’s energy forward with her vibrant designs, pyramids, pendants, charging plates, and disks made of beautiful gems, elements, & energy set in sacred geometrical patterns. The science and spirit in Cece’s Golden Ascension studio’s masterful work is energizing. Her art captivates the imagination after peering into the infinite worlds contained within created by light bouncing off the various elements.

Cece’s Beautiful handmade crafts are a cornerstone to The City Beautiful’s booming art scene. There is a strong sense of spirit and purpose behind her work. Cece Sharpe of Golden Ascension has a style in sync to the present as well as the past. Inspired by the Early Dynastic Period (c. 3100-2686 B.C.). Designs can be seen all throughout Cece’s art collection. Hints of Egyptian Gods, sacred geometry, and ancient symbols are prevalent throughout pendants, charging plates, and gemstones that can be carried with oneself all day or shared with loved ones. Her third eye Anja chakra piece is made from Amethyst and rainbow hematite helps promote deeper intuition and sharpening of the senses.

Like us all, Cece’s story is unique. Her ethos is intertwined in the artwork at her studio (Golden Ascension) in Orlando, Florida. Her journey to creating the brand Golden Ascension started on the west coast of the United States meanwhile working in the Seattle tech industry. After becoming interested and studying nanotechnology Cece came across Orgone energy, which is a pseudoscientific and spiritual concept described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force. Cece has managed to channel this concept into her work by implementing certain crystals and other elements in intricate patterns designed to maximize the total output of positive energy. This knowledge and work can have a variety of positive qualities that can assist with ailments, promote plant growth, and even eliminate EMF (Wi-Fi, 4g, electro-smog) that can be detrimental to our health in this age of wireless technology.

Along with Cece Sharpe’s work the City of Orlando has seen an uptick in vibrant entrepreneurial art recently. New districts are popping up in Orlando like the recently recognized Milk District and the newly minted Hourglass Market at the intersection of Curry Ford and Bumby. As part of the first series of Artist Spotlights for this publication this is a call to our community to not only check out Cece’s amazing work, but to encourage all members of our community to engage in civic duties whether it be volunteerism, board service, or simply making awesome art pieces for others to enjoy.

Below is a gallery of some Cece’s work. She also has a lot of great designs for clothing in all sizes both male & female. Check out Golden Ascension on Instagram, Facebook, and their personal page. In this current climate of recent local tragedies and political uncertainty, it wouldn’t hurt to keep with you an artfully crafted orgonite piece for your well-being.

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